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Women's Return to the Home Leads to Overall Joy

Speaking from direct experience and as a person who has always loved getting dressed up (including full make up), going to work (even with a commute) and working daily with colleagues on a shared vision and goals……when given the opportunity to work from home, I jumped at the chance.

I’ve now been working 100% from home for the past several years and dread the thought of going back to the old way of doing things.

So why the sharp shift you might ask?

For me, although I really loved the work I was doing, it came down to the things at home I was missing and would not be able to get a do-over on.

According to news outlet Axios, 52% of women say they enjoy working remotely and would do so in the long term.

I came to realize that my job at my workplace, while important, would be there working towards the same goals, having the same events, etc. year after year because the mission we were on was a lifetime mission. In contrast, the childhoods of my children were quickly going by and if I missed it, there would be no way of getting the opportunity back.

Making the leap into 100% remote work offered the best of both worlds.

According to Forbes, the ability to work from home increases employee happiness by as much as 20% and happiness at work significantly correlates to overall life happiness since much of our lives are spent at work.

Working at home has expanded my standing in all arenas and my personal time. I am still depended on by my colleagues and family daily, but am now able to glide seamlessly between tasks for work and home instead of piling either of them up for the weekend. I’m also able to take personal time several times a day to recharge which is an overall benefit for myself, my job and my family.

The Sydney Morning Herald published that 36% of women report a better work life balance and the ability to be present more consistently with loved ones because of the opportunity to work from home.

Working from home has given me the opportunity to truly have it all rather than having to make a choice between the things most important to me.

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