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Most Moms Would Work From Home If They Could

Moms have several very unique skill sets they excel at naturally.

One of these skills is the ability to love, nurture and be the driving force pushing a family forward on a daily basis.

Another is the organization, daily accomplishment and idea generation they bring to the table when working for a company that values them or building a business for themselves.

According to Suzanne Brown, of Mom Powerment, of the 4.7 billion businesses run by mothers globally, many are not 6 figure businesses yet, however, moms say, they are gaining much more than monetary value when they go into business for themselves. Other benefits gained include:

  • Time: Time, unfortunately, is a nonrenewable resource that we can’t generate more of once it’s been used up. The need and desire to be multiple places at once is a highly sought after opportunity. Working from home provides the opportunity to keep daily tasks moving forward on the work and home front simultaneously, an ideal scenario for forward thinking moms.

  • Savings: When mom’s work from home, the expenses associated with working outside the home (wardrobe, gas, meals, car maintenance, additional childcare, etc.) now become obsolete and move immediately from the expenses budgeted for column to the savings column. In fact, working from home means even more savings when it comes to tax time. All expenses previously mentioned become deductions in addition to office supplies, internet, programs and softwares used, phone bill and all other expenses required to work successfully from home.

  • Flexibility: Children and business are often unpredictable with needs that require immediate attention. Flexible scheduling allows a work from home mom to eliminate the stress that comes with juggling the needs of others because she is able to ebb and flow along with the changing needs of the day without the impending doom of not pushing her mouse at the appropriate time or not sitting on the couch during an episode of Sesame Street. Instead, work from home moms maintain excellent communication to make sure everyone is up to date on an ongoing basis and moves effectively through the needs of the day.

  • Skill Set: All businesses and entrepreneurs are realizing that there are now two very distinct worlds to pull business from. The traditional, boots on the ground brick and mortar way of doing business and the ever evolving, far reaching online realm of possibilities. Work from home moms are often very up to date when it comes to changing trends, software and methods of marketing because of their daily immersion in online business building for themselves and others. They are receiving and seeking out training on a daily basis to perfect money making in the online world.

  • Outlet: Though the skill sets are often the same, the difference between a stay at home mom and a work from home mom sometimes comes down to the desire for outlet. Many moms are college graduates or women who worked in a brick and mortar setting for years before being in home primarily and are sincerely looking for an outlet they can pour their skill sets into and a mission they can be a part of accomplishing.


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