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Mom's Make Great Entrepreneurs

As a mom who has been an entrepreneur most of my life, I can say that in fact it was the unpredictability of business that prepared me for motherhood and it was the patience I gained from being a mom that pushed me to stick it out in business.

An additional fact I have come to realize is that not only do I myself depend on other moms everyday to run the businesses I operate, but the companies I operate are often sought out because people are realizing that when a task list is in the hands of a busy mom, she will complete it not only effectively but expeditiously, and correctly because she realizes how precious time is and the value of a job well done.

Bottom line…’s get things done!

According to Gusto, a payroll and employee benefits company, 1in 3 women-owned businesses are owned by a mom. This translates into almost 4.7 million businesses world-wide.

Gusto also gathered research discussing why women seek out entrepreneurship as an option and found the following:

  • 58% of women want more control over their work schedule.

  • 24% of women want to start a business they can pass down as a legacy to their children.

  • 37% of women were looking to improve their financial opportunities.

  • 19% of women lost their jobs causing them to take the leap into entrepreneurship

  • And only 9% of women didn’t have any other job prospects available.

American Express also conducted research that shows women are so successful as entrepreneurs because they are adept at noticing a gap in the marketplace and figuring out a way to meet the need.

I can speak from experience on the research findings above.

My mother and I opened a Virtual Assistant Agency when we found a need for assistants and clients to have a filter of protection and oversight while connecting for employment and working together.

I started a local $1 Auction when I saw a need for myself and other moms to be able to buy the things they need for their kids and households at a reduced price while also having an opportunity to make income from home with items around the house.

And, I became Mack the Money Mommy when I saw a need for women to locate legitimate online streams of income outside the realm of multi-level marketing, that allows them to be present and available for the children and homes. Online streams of income contribute to the world around them as they remain relevant and up to date with the continued sharpening of skills that utilize technology.

When it comes to innovation, women seem to have a natural ability to make a way when a way does not currently exist. I am raising my sons with the insider information that on any team they are a part of (school, work, family, etc.); they should always seek out the women as glue and idea generators if they want to see something go from discussion to action quickly and successfully.

Women often bring with them a natural set of soft skills (which translates into management skills) that keep staff motivated, help customers become repeat buyers and turn a place of employment into a treasured workspace through the use of emotional intelligence, excellent communication and personal connection building.


  1. 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report commissioned by American Express

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