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Entire Families Benefit When Women Work From Home

My brothers and I grew up watching my mom be very successful at work. It was a sense of pride for all of us and led each of us to have the desire to become college educated breadwinners ourselves, and we did.

As a working mom myself, I have noticed with my own children that they also have a sense of pride when they talk about their mom being the “boss of her company” and they have also begun looking at entrepreneurial endeavors and ideas as a source of fun, excitement, solution and ultimately income.

Results from a recent Harvard Business School Study suggests that daughters who grow up with working moms earn as much as 23% more over their lifetime, often hold managerial or leadership positions, complete college at higher rates and experience more fulfilling careers overall.

Sons of working moms are more apt to marry a spouse that works and more willing and able to assist his spouse with childcare and household duties thus shortening the gender divide.

Living by example is important to me.

I have found that working from home and seeing my sons watch that process has lead to their buying in of several ideas that I try to promote including:

  • If you work hard, you will be much more satisfied with playing hard.

  • If you want money to buy the things you like you have to earn it.

  • Nothing happens overnight, success is built upon daily.

I am also a mom who is very in favor of the use of technology and can see, very clearly, the benefits of teaching children how to use it correctly.

Working from home 100% online has given me the opportunity to demonstrate for my children that if you work on a skill set you enjoy everyday, it can assist you in turning something you already love doing into an opportunity for yourself and others.


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