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Have a Course You Want to Sell?
Need an Audience to Sell to?

Let's meet and see if your offer would be a good fit for the Money Mommies in this community who are eager to make money online and looking for legitimate ways to do that. 

The course must be a course you created and must demonstrate a method of making money online, legally.

No online trading, crypto currency, mystery shopping, or other well known scams of any kind.  

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Launch Pad

The Hole Shabang


Is the Money Mommy Audience Growing? Are the Members Real People?
Money mommy is committed to authentic growth with real accounts used by real people. Fake accounts, scams, etc. are not allowed in this group. You can expect the group to grow continuously and be filled with interested real people looking for an opportunity to learn how to make income online. Money Mommy is intentionally stocked with many more learners than teachers. 
What is the Best Way to Sell My Training in the Group?
Be consistent about posting, follow up and launching. Marketing is all about clarity and timing. The more you engage, the better you will be able to gauge interest in your training. Consider this group a great sample size for what people are looking for in a training and update your offer accordingly. 
Can I Blog About My Training in This Group?
Yes! We are always looking for guest writers. Blogs are posted in the Money Mommy Facebook Group, hosted on the website and sent out in the weekly training ad. They are a great way to keep your training on peoples minds. Email Mack for more details: 
How Can I Make Sure I am Eligible for the Monthly $100 Giveaway?
If you're a trainer at any level you are entered automatically in the monthly invest in yourself giveaway. People who invite at least 20 people or more to join monthly also gain an entry. Giveaways take place at the end of each month. 
Can I Invite People to Join the Group and Attend my Launch?
Absolutely! Consider this group an extension of any other marketing you are doing. The goal of this group is to get your training noticed by people who are interested in your offer with out you having to create and fill a new group every time you have a new offer. 

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